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Let Husky Mtn. Adventures plan your next outdoor get away. From hikes to some of God's most beautiful creation including waterfalls and overlooks, to kayaking, caving, tubing, fishing, and mountain biking. Ranging from day trips to an entire vacation.  Can be customized for your individual group or part of a larger group setting. 

Mountain Biking Adventure

- This is a day trip that will start with a 17 mile bike ride that is mostly downhill through and over some of the most amazing scenery imaginable – open farmlands and fields, dense forests, Christmas tree farms, rushing streams and creeks. On your way, you’ll sail across nearly 50 wooden trestles as you ride along this stunning scenery and travel through small, charming towns and past restored railroad depots.

- This adventure begins with one of the best breakfasts you'll ever eat at a restaurant that has some great history.

- This is followed with a short hike to one of the highest peaks in the area. Then let the riding begin.

- Last will be a delightful stop at a local bakery for some delicious treats and coffee.

- This day trip will have you in three states.

mountain biking adventure

Hiking & Kayaking Adventure

-This day trip begins with a 3 mile hike in an area of significant high elevation forest, rock outcrop and cliff communities. The preserve name is derived from the maze-like system of sandstone crevices and boulders that occur near the 4208 ft. summit.

-This adventure  begins at a local restaurant that has been in business since 1942 for an awesome breakfast.

-Then off to our 3 mile hike.

-Next will be a time of kayaking at an elevation of 3500 ft on a 61 acre mountain top lake.

-This adventure will end with a stop to a yummy, local bakery for some treats.

Appalachian Trail

 section hike

-This is  a 3 day hike with 2 overnight stays that is approximately 13.6 miles in length.  It starts at a 5512 ft elevation and goes across beautiful balds and through forests with awesome mountain views.  It has been said that this section of the trail is one of the most beautiful stretches on the entire 2200 mile trek.

Chasing Waterfalls Adventure

-This can range from a day trip up to a 6 day waterfall adventure.  There is no shortage of adventure with over 300+ waterfalls to view in this area. 

-Observing some of the largest waterfalls this side of the Mississippi.

-You will be able to swim at many of these falls and observe people enjoying some thrill seeking as they jump from various falls.  Some as high as 70 ft. 

-One of these falls is used as a natural slide into a cool pool of water.

-This trip can be customized with your time and interests in mind.

appalachian trail hike
Waterfall adventure



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hiking & kayaking adventure



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