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exploration adventure


Awesome hike and exploration

-This day adventure takes you on an approximate 4 mile round trip hike through woods, fields, and several creek crossings.  The water at this spot is so clear, the pebbles on the bottom are visible at the 11 foot depth.  After the trek to the destination, it is well worth a "dip".  This particular spot has some cool local folklore.

-Next will be lunch at a retro style diner that is family owned and has been in business for more than 60 years. After a great meal, the banana split is a must.

-Next you will be off to a chair lift ride down to a natural site that in the 1800's was called the 8th wonder of the world. 

mountain excursion

Mountain Excursion

-The day begins with a walk across a mile high elevation suspension foot bridge.  You will also view animals such as cougars, bald eagles, bears, and river otters in a controlled environment.  You will have time to explore this area. 

-Next you are off to a short hike to view a 90 foot waterfall dropping into a large gorge.  There will be several overlooks along the hike for various views of the falls. 

-During the trip you will enjoy some of the best in homestyle, southern comfort food.  This restaurant has been in business for over 50 years and has been recognized in various major magazines.  

cave adventure

Cave and Waterfall 

-This day adventure will begin in one of the largest caves I have ever entered.  You will be able to explore in a group setting or be able to take a wild exploration tour. This cave is like no other that you will ever see.  

-After a drive, you will enjoy some food with a very interesting piece of history that you will be able to explore in the attached small museum.

-The day will end with a spectacular waterfall named by some as the "Niagara" of this region.  There is a phenomenon specific to this waterfall not found anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere.  If you are fortunate, this will be visible.  There is an optional small boat ride to the bottom of the falls.   

kayak food adventure

Friday Feast (Kayak, waterfall, nature hike, food)

-This adventure will begin with kayaking in either a mountain lake or river.

-Then on to view the majestic beauty of a waterfall.

-A nature hike viewing various animals of the region in a controlled environment.  If at this point, you are up for additional hiking, there is an optional hike to a climbable fire tower.  If your knees will stop shaking, you can climb the 60 foot tower for amazing views.  

-Your day will end with an awesome, gourmet seafood buffet featuring the best crab legs available without going to the coast. 

mountain adventure tour

Sight seeing, short hikes, and kayaking day trip

-This day will begin with a short hike to a small, secluded waterfall.  If you feel froggy, you can jump on in.

-The next stop will be a kayaking adventure on a small, 72 acre lake with beautiful scenery.  You will also enjoy a light, packed lunch here. 

-Next off to another short hike to a large waterfall with rock outcroppings.  Stand at the top and look over or go to the bottom and swim. 

-Then the adventure takes you to a mountain top reaching an elevation of more than 6,200 feet with spectacular views from the overlooks and depending on time of year, the most beautiful scenery you'll ever see. 

-The day will end with a wonderful meal including the best barbecue (in my opinion) with other options available. This restaurant has been in business since the 1950's and has been featured in many articles and magazines.  There have also been celebrities known to have eaten here.  This is an off the beaten path place, but well worth it. 

dutch oven cookout tour

Overnight Campout

-Enjoy an evening of relaxation as you dine on some of the best eating you'll ever experience cooked in a cast iron dutch oven over the fire.  These outings can be customized to include kayaking, biking, swimming, hiking, ziplining, or just complete relaxation. 

wild ponies tour

Mountain adventure with wild horses

-This day begins with a marvelous family style breakfast with "all" the fixings.  This is all you can eat and is like no other.  

-Then a short trip to a cool small town that is considered a hidden gem in the mountains and listed on the National register of historic places.  There are many small shops located in the pedestrian friendly streets.

-Next, you'll be heading to a mountain top offering scenic views of alpine like peaks.  You will be able to hike and view the wild ponies and, if lucky enough, be able to pet some of the babies.  You may also be able to catch a glimpse and meet some of the through hikers on their 2,200 mile trek from Maine to Georgia.

off road adventure tour

Off Road Day Adventure

-Take a ride in a UTV and explore over 300 miles of trails ranging in levels of experience for all adrenaline levels.  

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